Dr. Peoples and his staff have made quite an impact on the quality of my life. I approached Dr. Peoples while I was in my 30s in search of a solution to removing a few baby teeth that had just never come out. There were no permanent teeth to force them out, and they were finally wearing down. I was nervous about the gaps that losing these baby teeth would create, but I was tired of worrying about it. Dr. Peoples and his staff worked closely with my orthodontist and dentist to come up with an implant plan that was perfect. I now have 3 gorgeous implants and no one even knows they aren’t my own teeth! And I no longer worry about losing those tiny little teeth. This process has given me confidence, a lot less to worry about, and a pretty nice smiles, if I say so myself.”

Calliese Johnson, Age 42, Pearland

“I found Dr. Peoples’ technique to be very non-intrusive. I was impressed with his knowledge and skill in the most up-to-date technology, and have been very pleased with the functional outcome and appearance of my implants.”

James Hall, Age 62, Houston

“The implants Dr. Peoples places for me have been a life changing experience. He had patience in working with me to give me the best result possible, I’ve had no side effects or problems and am very happy with the way my implants look.”

Carolyn Lindell, Age 57, Houston

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